We make film out of passion

AVIATICFILMS is a young film production company based in Basel. Thanks to our well-rehearsed team and

state-of-the-art technology we create dynamic film and aerial shots according to your ideas.

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Share your ideas with us! Unconventional, thought through or only as a first draft? It doesn’t matter! We will help you create something great! Dare, ask us! We are young, open to anything and we love challenges!



Why we love Monday morning



We tell stories, bundle pictures and sounds, thereby simplifying the world. Make them come alive, colorful. We would like to open locked eyes, expand the angles. To make the viewer dive in - that is our passion. We manage this with creativity, youthful curiosity and digital expertise. Uncomplicated, with a lot of sense, close and as a well-rehearsed team, from the air with the drone, from the ground with heart. Local and fair - from Basel, for Basel, for Switzerland, for the world. As digital natives we have the technology in our blood, our pulse is throbbing dynamically, our equipment moves with the times. We love what we do - Monday morning is our Friday night.